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Weaning One-to-One your Child

Breastfeeding and Recommendations

Breasts are made to provide milk for human babies. During the developmental stages of breasts: in utero, puberty and pregnancy, breasts are preparing for this job. The size of the breast does not necessarily determine function.

According to APA in 2022, the recommendation to breastfeed/chest-feed is for at least 2 years of age. Also, according to Islam, it is recommended to breastfeeding the children for at least 2 years (24months) (2:233). In many other cultures, breastfeeding time can go even longer.

Our midwives are here to support you in the journey of breast/chest feeding. And, whenever you are ready to wean your child our step-by-step guide with resources can help to ease the process of weaning the child/children. 

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